Men's tops - exclusive selection of hoodies, T-shirts and tank tops for you

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Top Men's Fashion for Cool Hip Hoppers
At UNDERWORLD Germany you can fully cover your need for casual men's clothing. Here you will find everything you need for your extravagant appearance. Also for hip hop training or breakdance you have a wide selection of ultracool outfits in many different finishes and colors as well as patterns. Get inspired by your very own style in the shop and discover many fancy and changing looks. So you have found exactly the right thing for your passion, namely hip hop.

Men's clothing for the big show
At UNDERWORLD Germany you are spoilt for choice with the diverse range of casual tops for men. You can put together your men's outfit here and combine old school with New School Style. This makes you an absolute eye-catcher on the Straé. In the shop you will find men's tank tops as well as men's T-shirts in all possible shapes and colors as well as extra casual vintage T shirts. Also comfortable mocknecks or sweatshirts and hoodies can be ordered with in the wide range of offers of the online shop.

Hoodies, Sweaters & Co.
If you want to put together your outfit, choosing the right top is hugely important. With this you show yourself at your best and concrete your torso and your arms. This definitely affects the female sex! With your style you make a real statement and show who you are. The tank tops are skintight and make you look casual and sexy. The T shirts or vintage T shirts are absolutely powerful and emphasize your own style. The shirt Sport with football imprint, for example, is a real eye-catcher.

Top quality for cool men's fashion
We use only the very best quality in the selection of our fabrics and materials. The belief is that hip hop should support clothing during training or battle, not hinder it. This has definitely been achieved with the exclusive garments in the shop. The T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and absorb the sweat during your sweaty appearances and prevent them from sticking unpleasantly on the skin. This gives you an absolutely light feeling and is completely in your element! The Mockneck Breakdance Sweater is tight on your torso and doesn't hide anything that shouldn't be emphasized. Hot! So you get the girls on tour during the battle! The refined openings for your thumbs on the long sleeve shirt are super practical for all turns and the shirt stays firmly in your hand. Also the Breakdance hoodies are super cool and have a casual look with the practical belly pocket. So that you don't cool down after your hip hop performance, the hoodies for men are an absolute must-have!

Men's fashion for all hip hop fans
Get ready for everything about your favorite sport – and that includes the perfect outfit, of course. Hip hop is a true passion for many and nothing is more beautiful than having the right look for his passion. This is ensured by the UNDERWORLD Germany with the matching men's tops!