Breakdance Clothing for B-Boys and B-Girls

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For years, UNDERWORLD has been active in the breakdance scene with the mission to share hip-hop thoughts with all people. Our products are designed by active B-boys with a focus on optimal convenience and functionality when dancing. Thanks to the optimized material, our hockey jerseys support you, for example, with windmills or backspins. The special composition made of polyester and cotton ensures the lowest possible resistance, so that you can rotate even faster. Or would you like to bring some old-school flavor to the Cypher? With the UNDERWORLD Mockneck you will definitely succeed! We designed this top according to the classic from the beginnings of breakdance. Feel like the B-Boys from the Bronx with this lifestyle product. The mockneck must not be missing from any breaker in the clothing cabinet!

With our trousers, we also rely on functionality and cleverly combine them with fresh designs, which are unique in this form. Our F3 pants are a reliable partner for every workout and jam and ensure that you are guaranteed to fall in the Cypher. We opted for a classic baggy look with a deep cut. As a material we mainly use nylon and polyester, which gives our trousers a distinctive appearance. They are also super comfortable.

During breaking, there are sometimes minor injuries. Blue spots, bruises, scrapes and scavenges are part of the agenda. However, there may also be major injuries that can put you out of action for a long time. Therefore, it is important to protect your joints and also to keep long-term effects on your health as minimal as possible. That's why you will find special breakdance schooners for elbow and knee joints in our shop. So you can also train heavy power moves like Ellbowtracks or the like without having to interrupt your workout for a week due to injuries. You can also easily perform footworks on your knees with our knee savers - your body will thank you! Of course, you will also find special headspin caps with us that support your head in all rotations. So that your hair stays where it belongs ;).

Since 2007 we have been equipping B-Boys and B-Girls worldwide with the right breakdance clothes, sponsoring big events like the Freestyle Session or the Battle of the Year and also organizing some events. Our products are trusted by the Gamblerz Crew from Korea or the Reformerz Crew from Taiwan, B-Boys like Hong10 (Drifterz Crew), Lil G (RBC1 All-Stars), Tawfiq (Ruggeds), Simo Croc, J-One B-Boy Blond (Extreme Crew) and many more. Whether B-Boy or B-Girl, you can find the right product for you. Become a part of the UNDERWORLD family and convince yourself of our products and create your very own style!